100+ Instagram Content Ideas for Business Owners

Instagram Story Ideas for Business Owners

100+ Instagram Content Ideas for Business Owners

Instagram favors recency, meaning that in order to grow fast and consistently you need to be posting consistently.

After 48 hours your post pretty much isn't going to show up on people's feeds anymore. So... I hope you’re not spending 2 hours on each Instagram post like I used to for such a small window of opportunity!

There is good news though!

I found a better, faster, easier way to come up with a ton of content ideas AND the best part is this type of content will actually drive sales.

Why? Because with these content piece ideas, you’re educating and relating with your audience which helps to build your authority and build trust with your followers!


Alright, let’s start creating over 100 posts in 1 hour!


But, before I give you your prompts, here is what I need you to do:

  1. Get out your favorite pen or keyboard

  2. Answer: What are the 3 - 5 main pillars I talk about? 
    My example: Pinterest, Etsy tips, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Beginning Stages of Starting a Business

  3. Set a timer for 1 hour and hit "start"

  4. Now, after the example copy and paste the 24 prompts into your favorite writing app and underneath each prompt write an answer for each of your content pillars:


My Example:

Prompt #4: One reason they’re struggling with (topic)

Pinterest: Because their profile does not reflect the needs and interests of their target audience. This means that the right people are not inclined to follow their account which means missed opportunities to get in front of the right audience again in the future.

Etsy tips: They don’t understand that their shop and listings need to be optimized from an Etsy standpoint and a consumers standpoint.

Email Marketing: They don’t have a welcome sequence or they have one, but it’s not authentic/it’s focused too much on making a sale and not enough on showing their list that they have solutions to their problems (lack of value and priming before the pitch).

Content Marketing: They are not focusing on content that will grab attention AND hold the attention of their audience.

Beginning States of Starting a Business: Focusing too much on answering “what is my niche?” and not enough experimenting to help them actually figure it out.

If you do this for each of your 5 pillars you will now have 120+ ideas! 


Once you’re done, click here to get your aesthetic Instagram stories and feed post templates to start creating and scheduling your posts right away! 

Now it’s your turn 👇

  1. Recommend one thing they should stop doing

  2. The worst advice you’ve heard and what to do instead

  3. 5 Minute Hack to get a quick result

  4. 1 reason why they’re struggling with with (topic)

  5. A mistake you made regarding (topic) and what you learned from it

  6. Top 3 tools you use to achieve [goal]

  7. Your process for achieving [insert goal] and why it works

  8. Customer win (share social proof)

  9. Why now is the best time to take action

  10. Share you relevant freebie

  11. Share and interesting statistic

  12. An industry myth that needs busting

  13. Share something relatable and funny

  14. Something you used to believe but now you don’t

  15. An embarrassing moment

  16. Insiders look at your product or service (topic specific)

  17. Advice you wish you had as a newbie

  18. Shed light on a limiting belief

  19. Simplify a complicated concept

  20. Ask them for their questions regarding [topic]

  21. Answer the questions the next day

  22. Top 5 tips for a struggle they all share

  23. The 3 biggest newbie mistakes

  24. Your favorite (topic) hack


Other general Ideas:

  1. Behind the scenes of your workspace

  2. Storytime: The Before and After of a Happy Customer

  3. Storytime: How your business started

  4. Your company's values and mission

  5. An awesome but unexpected result of being a coach

  6. Share your business journey

  7. Give gratitude to your followers

  8. Share a favorite productivity or time management hack


Now you have 100+ ideas for posting on Instagram!

Don’t forget to repurpose these posts in the future by saying it a little differently, adding to it, or changing up your graphic!

Hope this helped!




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